New Water Treatment Systems on the Job – What They Can Do for Your Business

Businesses are high consumers of water on a daily basis. If your commercial property has a garden, it will need water; you need a flushing toilet and taps for yourself and your staff; if you operate a restaurant, you need a dishwasher and sinks. The list goes on as Australians waste thousands of litres of water per day. Even if you are water smart and enforce these values across your workplace, massive amounts of water still go to waste if you do not have a wastewater treatment solution in place.

This article breaks down the importance of wastewater treatment for your facility and how econocycle offers a range of water treatment systems for domestic and commercial.

Recycled Water for Garden Irrigation

Whether you like it or not, your property says a lot about your business. Your customers and clients receive impressions based on the presentation of your office, just as they do with your personal presentation. Your gardens and lawn are the frontline of first impressions. A well looked after premise reflects pride in your business and makes it a more welcoming place for your staff to visit each day.

With water restrictions, it can be tough to keep a well-manicured garden and lawn. Installing a wastewater treatment system allows you to recycle water that would otherwise have gone to waste. Without harming the environment, you can invest life back into the presentation of your workplace.

Systems like the UltraGTS Commercial are installed with automatic garden irrigation, which means you barely have to lift a finger to keep your gardens lush and green.

Recycled Water for Daily Use

Regardless of your best efforts, it is near impossible to completely stop water from being wasted. From washing hands to washing laundry, all of that greywater goes to waste. You may not realise that this water can be reused within your business, beyond just watering the gardens and lawn.

No property requires fresh water to flush toilets. Why not use recycled water and cut down on your water usage? Your toilet is not going to know the difference but your bank account will. Recycling water in your business ultimately leads to a generous reduction in your water consumption, leading to a generous reduction in your water bills.

Installing an Efficient Wastewater Solution

With an aerated wastewater treatment system in your business, you can recycle and reuse water that would have otherwise flown down the sink or toilet. These systems absorb impurities and recycle greywater into clean, clear and odourless water. This can then be reused for toilet flushing, general cleaning and car washing.

Econocycle offers a range of water treatment systems for domestic and commercial use. Exceeding requirements set out by the NSW Health Department, our products and services continue to satisfy customer across Australia.

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