Domestic Treatment Plants

The Eco Mound

The "Eco-Mound” is used on difficult sites to dispose of the water from the Econocycle system. The unique shape and construction of the mound not only aids in the disposal of the water it also adds an additional “polishing” treatment. Click image below to see full diagram.



Econo Tallboy

The econo tallboy is our Econo pro built in a different tank so that we can achieve a deeper inlet without the use of risers.

With a comfortable invert of 700 mm plus the tallboy has become a popular member of our range.

Download the Econo Tallboy Specification Sheet





Econo Pro

Single Tank Concrete System

The Econo Pro is a huge 7000 ltrs in capacity. Designed to treat household waste water from a home of up to 10 people, the Econo Pro is the answer to your waste water needs. Built in a concrete tank and designed to be installed underground, the Pro uses the same tried and proven Econocycle technology as all of our treatment plants.

All Econocycle treatment plants have been designed to make installation and servicing as simple as possible, making them more economical to instal and maintain, saving you time and money over the life of the treatment plant. With thousands of satisfied customers the Econo Pro has become a trusted name in the waste water industry.

Download the Econo-Pro Specification Sheet





The Eco Executive

The executive is a twin tank poly system that offers exceptional value for money and unmatched versatility.

The Executive is an entry level treatment plant based on the tried and proven Econocycle technology. Using the same treatment process that can be found in our complete range of treatment plants, the ‘Executive’ gives you proven reliability and performance and thousands of satisfied customers to back it up.

The ‘Executive’ is easily packaged and transported for difficult or remote sites and has proven to be popular alternative to concrete plants where site access or freight costs are prohibitive.

Shown before and after installation - click photos to enlarge>>

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Twin Tank Drawings

Excavation Dimensions





Econocycle Twin Tank System

The Econocycle Twin Tank system is a slightly larger system than the Eco Executive and Econo Pro range.

It has increased septic and aeration capacities. This allows for better septic digestion and increase time in the aeration zone. Built in two concrete tanks it is ideal for in ground installation.

The Twin Tank system is the original Econocycle model and has proven its reliability and high performance with 20 plus years of production.

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Download Twin Tank Concrete Drawings